Vladamir's Recurrence

from by Beggar Wild

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There's marks on my chin
A discoulorment around an eye
Id'e imagine
Not a one could ever ever tell
But deep down I knew they would

Sitting on a step
Just outside the place of my torment
I'm safe here
It’s a place he'll never ever go

That’s when I saw him
Walking by with alcohol and bread
To deliver
To the very man I most resent

I scream to myself
That he's just a child
And not like
Back then the one that I was myself
There's a danger in his eyes

But how can I judge
What good decisions have I made
I'm like liquid
How can I amass to anything

Just listen here child
Cant you hear I'm sorry for myself
Why must you help
I really should say its not that bad
Oh I wish this was the truth

You’ve come to know me
I've come to trust you
There is this thing
Needing to do

You see what he's done
I can see
You feel what I feel
I can feel
Don’t hesitate
For what
A necessity
For what

Drain his life away
Empty all his veins
I want to see
His limp body

Lets call this an act
How can I
Pretend it’s a game
It is death
I know you don’t
It is death
Like what he's caused
Another way

Now I am distraught
It is all my fault
I'll take my life
If you can't take his

I started to cry
That’s when I caved
Tears to carry all
I cant withstand
His doubts away
Her anguish and pain
Now he'll obey
I love her

Now when I look at her
All I see is him
Still hitting her
With that bloody wound I gave him

At least she is safe
At least my love won't cry
At least my conscious grows hazy
At least my drink tastes strong

A fire burns inside
A fire grows inside
A fire consumes my soul
And I blame her
And I hit her


from No Chorus, Love & the Cookies, released July 2, 2015
Violin - Ava Campbell
Cello - Martin Penicka
Double Bass - Isaac Gee
Choir - Princes Street Choir
Banjo / Vocals - David



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Beggar Wild Hobart, Australia

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